Sunday, November 7, 2010

TIWA SAVAGE: The DIVA has finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to rededicate another post to her, her voice is to die for!!!!!!!!!

Check out her first video, will upload more of her tracks.

As the title says all other Nigerian female artists should lean back  


Sunday, October 17, 2010

1/2 of frannysquared

Should have put this up ages ago I apologise.

For those of you that don't know 1/2 of frannysquared is a phenomenal photographer and she recently started a photoblog here are the links:

GO AND SUPPORT HER GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Am so happy I got inspired to do a post today, am gonna give an update on my hair.

So when I decided to go natural I honestly didn't envision any major issues (very naive I know!!!!) but I almost caved in this past week, so this is what happened................

First it started when I decided to wash my hair, my hair has grown about 1 inch since I last checked, see pic below:

I decided to start maintaining my hair on my own but I really hadn't done any major research on products to use and the entire process.

After washing and conditioning with the worst possible products I didn't even dry my hair properly I just went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning Alas!!!!! my hair was a huge mess, it was so hard I couldn't even put a comb though it  and after struggling with the hair for about an hour I decided to go to the salon (the same stylist that almost destroyed my hair the last time), I left with a migraine and a deep sense of insecurity with regards to my decision to go natural.

After the ordeal at the salon I came to a silent decision to relax my hair or at least straighten it.

 While having a chat with a friend, she suggested texturizing instead and prior to her telling me about it, I had never  heard of a texturizer .

I don't know maybe it was plain naivety or ignorance but I honestly wasn't sure what I was expecting when I went to the store and when I saw what it looked like (exactly like a relaxer) something in my head just snapped.

 I felt so disgusted with myself and remembered all the reasons why I wanted to go natural in the first place.

I decided to do some intensive research via the internet on the transitioning process. Below are a few things I wish I knew earlier about the entire process:

DO NOT FOR ANY REASON GO TO A SALON WERE THEY ARE IGNORANT ABOUT MANGING NATURAL HAIR: They would simply criticize you and make you feel less of a woman for making the decision to go natural.

HAIR STYLES WHILE TRANSITIONING: For those that would rather transition rather than chopping off the hair completely I would suggest:                                                                                                           Weaves- this helped with  respect to hair growth as the weaves protect your hair against heat.                                                                                                                                                                       Braiding-braiding your hair consitently for at least the 1st year during your transition will also do as weaves above.                                                                                                                                  
 Remember though that during either of the processes above, you must get regular trims to allow for the natural growth while getting rid of the permed tips.                                                                            

DEEP-CONDITIONING AND CO-WASHING IS A MUST: You need to understand that like any other part of your body your hair needs to be hydrated and moisturized as much as possible.                  

  Deep-Conditioning: this is an intensive means of ensuring that moisture penetrates to the roots of your hair. You can decide to purchase products specifically for the purpose like ORGANICS OLIVE OIL DEEP CONDITIONER or you can mix one with this recipe.     

 Co-Washing: this is a must due to the fact that most shampoos contain sulphate (causes them to lather) which strips off the hair of moisture.During co-washing, shampoos don't exist and the only product used is a conditioner (VO5) which you use to wash and condition, rinse off with water once your done. While the conditioner is on your hair, you should section and comb your hair with a wide tooth comb.                                

SECTION YOUR HAIR: Ensure that whenever you want to do anything to your hair  you must always section your hair, it helps with manageability.

AVOID DIRECT HEAT: While transitioning I would advice you avoid direct heat as much as possible .

Making the decision to go natural isn't an easy process trust me!!!! so ensure you have a support team, here are a couple of blogs I follow that always gives me that boost of confidence.

Remember the aim is to gain the freedom to be YOU!!!!!!!! 

 Stumbled upon this fantastic track that featured drake I absolutely love

Friday, October 15, 2010


Check out Asa's new video, am anticipating the release of her album, I am rating the video 15/10.

ASA - Be My Man
Uploaded by naiverecords. - Explore more music videos.

Monday, October 4, 2010


One of my favourite Ty Bello tracks................................

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dwele: An underrated genius.............................

This post is dedicated to Dwele's track LADY AT MAHOGANY.

Words cant begin to describe how iish this song is and omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! the lyrics r....................(swooning).

The beats r so on point and the way he effortlessly injects poetry and spoken words into the track is so Dwele.................................... HE'S A GENIUS

I LOVE DWELE's MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

MY JOURNEY SO FAR..........................

My transition seemed to be going on pretty smoothly and my new growth (natural) has almost outgrown all the permed tips and I am certain after a few more trims I should be completely natural.

Yesterday seemed like an exception though, because of the almost natural state of my hair, my regular stylist was so clueless as to how to manage my hair. She kept tugging, pulling and basically putting my head through hell so I decided to do some research on how to manage my hair throughout my transition and have decided except I wanna fix a weave I am now my own personalized hair stylist.

Did I mention I have become a Mixtress, started making homemade conditioning products to keep my hair soft and shiny, MoptopMaven inspired me to start mixing my own products and its been a very enlightening and exciting experience so far.

In other news, had a lunch today at the incredible PATTAYA; they make the best thai food in all of lagos and the prices are sooo freaking reasonable I totally recommend them.

 Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead, LES NUBIANS...............................

Monday, August 16, 2010


Is it me or are the weekends getting shorter?

This is the link to the article, gotta get back to work.

Have a great day guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BEZ : ACOUSTIC TOH BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................

I have mentioned Bez a couple of times on the blog, the first time I heard him perform was at Asa's concert earlier in the year.

His music is a breath of fresh air, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its no news that I am a huge fan of the Soul genre and what is more interesting is that he is 100% Nigerian, he is a phenomenal performer and the ease with which he strokes his guitar is pure magic.

I am a huge critic of Nigerian music since most people tend to praise the mediocrity that drives the industry,but he alongside his video producer, Kemi Adetiba have been able to break the trend and its at times like this I am proud to say I am Nigerian.

Trust me its been on repeat all morning, and am anxiously anticipating the release of his album. 

ACOUSTIC TOH BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok so am sure everyone is aware of my ongoing journey towards going Au Naturel with my hair, so I decided to write a post on it but work made it almost impossible to post it.

Anyways long story short 234NEXT newspaper decided to pick up the post/article and put it in this Sunday's edition of Elan.

I honestly never thought of myself as a writer, though I have always been known as a strongly opinionated individual but this totally takes it to a new level all I can say is WOW!!!!!!

Will put the article up on the blog after it has been published, did I mention I'm going to have it framed LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways in other news the blog has been totally behind and I am soooooooo sorry about it, I know we keep using work as an excuse but we have both gotten to a new stage in our careers that it is getting harder to keep up, but be rest assured we are coming up with a better schedule.

And finally, I have a movie date this weekend to see IJE (did a post on it last year) so am overly excited. 

Have a wonderful day ahead guys Keyshia cole and Monica are my ear candies for the day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PEARL 11 30

Pearl 11 30 for those of you who are new to them are the latest addition to the fast growing Nigerian Fashion Industry.

According to Adenike Yusuf , the gorgeous lady behind the label,  

"Pearl 11 30 personifies sophistication, class and timeless pieces. We consider the instincts and everyday needs of practical life in each and every creation. From dresses to skirts to tops to jumpsuits , our collection is glamorous combined with classy chic for play as well as work".

I am particularly fond of the chic yet playfulness of their clothes and how much thought is put into the little details of each outfit.

They will be at Le Petit Marche this weekend 25th July at the GET Arena and I will upload this post with more pictures of their designs.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend because I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wow!!!!!!! it seems like forever since I last posted anything up its been WORK WORK WORK!!!!!!!

I feel like such a stranger blogging its ridiculous!!!!! I so need to get my blogging Mojo back seriously.

There are so many events I have to attend this weekend I wonder how I will squeeze everything in............. but of everything happening this weekend The Jeros Plays is what I am most excited about, I remember reading the plays in school and how hilarious I always seemed to find it.

Did I mention I have started my journey to Au Naturel; will keep you guys updated as it progresses, here is some Joe therapy to help reduce the week's stress.

Joe - Let's Stay Home Tonight (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Joe

Joe - All That I Am (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Joe

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The 70s and 80s seemed to have wiggled its way into today's style it started very subtly but now it seems it has come and it ain't going no where.

So it started off with clogs and the Olsen's' obsession with them and the next thing you know they are everywhere.

Here are my current obsessions.

Have a fabulous Sunday guys.............................

naKIMuli inc

I have been absolutely rubbish at my blogging duties lately and its not work or anything just lack of anything moving to write about I guess.

Been thinking about going au naturel with my hair lately and growing it out to an Afro, but am still in  the thinking phase.

Anyways there is this absolutely fantastic design team I have been wanting to blog about for ages, naKIMuli which translates to flower in Ugandan .

Their clothes are absolutely FEROSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the edginess and pow!!!!!!!! of the colors are absolutely phenomenal. I love that their clothes have splashes of africa scattered everywhere *** I LOVE******

Check out the S/S10 Collection.

Check out behind the scenes footage while shooting their newest collection.

naKIMuli Spring 2010 Collection from Tennille McMillan on Vimeo.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Someone sent me this wonderful read a few weeks back and I have been so lazy to post it but I have finally put it up.

Enjoy guys....................... check out his fb page (

I want to say a huge “Thank you and God bless you” to everyone who made our Anniversary and my Birthday a special one.

Thanks for all the messages, email, sms and phone calls and prayers. May God bless you in ways you’ve never imagined and as I always say, may my greatest achievement be your least! I’m sure you know that I mean those words.

I was astounded to receive all the comments from readers of my “LOVE LETTER TO TARA”! At my last count, I had a total of 238 comments. That’s totally unprecedented for me!

I also had a lot of messages from the ladies who seemed awed by the fact that “a Nigerian man” had a romantic gene! The guys were shocked by my “lyrics” to Tara, (guys feel free to use any of those lines, lol!)

Quite a number of the ladies wanted to know how to find the right man for them as well, so this note is especially dedicated to every woman believing God for the right man.

Don’t worry guys, I’ll have one for you.

Ladies, why do you want to get married?

Is it because you’ve fantasized about the wedding day, or is it because your friends are getting married, or could it be pressure from family and friends who constantly remind you of the ticking of your biological clock? I assure you that those are all the wrong reasons to get married.
To many women fantasize about the WEDDING DAY, and don't prepare for the MARRIAGE.
The truth is, the marriage begins when the wedding ends.

So why then should you get married?

Forget the fairy tales, marriage is a covenant of two imperfect people coming together, committing their lives together forever, to create a union under God.

So what are the steps to getting the man of your dreams?

Step 1: Be the right woman:

What kind of wife would your dream husband be looking for?
Single ladies; please remember that as a woman thinks in her heart, so she “is”; not will be. Simply put, your thoughts, values, habits and words can tell any man, the kind of wife that you “are”, even though you are not married yet.

Step 2: Become a wife, while you’re waiting for a husband

Ladies, please recognize that “guys DATE chics and then go on to MARRY wives”. If the truth be told, there are too many Christian chics and too few Christian wives (or “wife material”) in Church today. Ask yourself, “am I a chic or a wife?” Who must I BE to attract who I WANT. Sweetheart, the man of your dreams isn’t hanging around in a bar or at a club, so what are you doing there?

Step 3: Who must be to attract who I want?

Write down the list of qualities that you want your husband to have. Now look at that list carefully. What have you written? God fearing, Intelligent, Good Communicator, Gainfully employed, Clean, Fun, has a car, apartment, has money etc.

Now, ask yourself, does your list consist more of “what he has” or “who he is”? If it’s driven by what he has, then, you may be driven by the external props and anybody can fake that. “Sharp” guys can borrow their friends’ cars, apartment, money etc, but the intangibles of “who he is” cannot be faked. Character, truth, integrity, passion can’t be faked.

If you want a God fearing man, are you God fearing? If you want an intelligent man, can you hold up your end of a conversation? You want a man who's gainfully employed, do you have a job?

When I began dating Tara, I was quick to inform her that I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but a wife. She thought that was the most unromantic thing I’d ever said, but she appreciated the fact that I was honest with her from the get go. Ladies, marry a man for “who he is”…even if the world hasn’t seen it yet; rather than for “what he has”, because what he has can be taken away from him, but who he is will be all that’s left.

When Tara and I began dating, I was living in a small “one room, room” where I had to share a communal toilet and bathroom with several families (one of my cooks used to be my neighbor). All my property (TV, electronics fridge, and other appliances) had been sown by instruction to build a campus ministry in OAU, Ife, called Eden. All I had left was a cane dustbin, a mattress and a carpet with a hole in the middle (which the bed thankfully covered).

But there was much more to me than what I didn’t seem to have. I was always talking about my vision, what our life would be, where I was taking her to and I was also TAKING ACTION STEPS to get us there. Ladies, beware of the man who only talks the talk, but doesn’t WALK THE WALK! He must have corresponding action with his words.

Sometime ago, about 3 years ago, Tara and I were invited to a TV interview, and the host asked me what was imperative for women to look for in a man. I remember saying. “Don’t marry a man for his “television”, marry a man who has vision and one day; his vision will put you on television”!

So ladies, please understand that there are 3 types of men:

1. The Scavenger: The scavenger is a man who capitalizes on a “dead” and “lifeless” woman. Scavengers look for women with low self – esteem, filled with pity and act like victims of life. These men prefer ladies with no inner strength that are always begging for sympathy or for someone, anyone to love them. Scavengers enjoy “no resistance” as they ravage their victims. If you’re like me, I enjoy watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet on DSTV. I’ve discovered that in the animal kingdom, scavengers include animals like the hyena and the vulture. If you notice, these scavengers often look for the weak, sick or young, helpless animals that offer the least resistance.

Are you attracting scavengers? If you are, you need to shore up your self confidence and self esteem.

2. The Hunter: The hunter seeks to trap a luscious “game”, with the sole intention of devouring her; with only a remnant of a carcass. He looks for a beautiful intelligent woman, whom he considers to be a prize possession. This guy isn’t in the hunt, just to fulfill his desires, no, he’s after what hunters regard as “BIG GAME”. He’s looking for the “Big 5”. These are the 5 most difficult animals to catch on foot. The collection consists of the lion, the African elephant, the African Buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros, either the black rhinoceros or the white rhinoceros. The members of the big five were chosen for the difficulty in hunting them.

He’s inspired by the thrill of the chase. The more she runs, the more enticing she becomes. He only wants her as a prize. When the hunter overcomes his quarry, the first thing he does is to decapitate it. Once beheaded, it is skinned and dried and then placed as a trophy on his wall to brag about. Does this sound familiar? The hunter finally gets the girl, eliminates her self esteem and causes her to be a shadow of herself. He kills her dreams, business ideas and her passion. Do you know any hunters? They’re only in for the kill!

3. The Gardener: Now, this is God’s intention for what a husband should be! This man sees his wife as a seed. He recognizes that a seed is a tree in disguise! His responsibility is to nurture and bring out the best from her. One of the things a gardener does is to create the right environment for the seed to grow.

He nurtures her in an environment of love and care. Next, after planting, he waters her. What that means is that he’s concerned about her dreams; he wants to know what makes her tick. He takes her dreams and gives them expression; he puts structure and substance to her ideas. When he talks about her dreams, he uses the plural of “we”. He takes personal responsibility for the accomplishment of her dreams. He also removes weeds around her. He gets rid of all negative associations that are around her.

Another thing the gardener does is to prune her. Pruning means to “cut back”. So he cuts back her excesses. It reminds me of those wall plants that grow so long, over other fences and eventually becomes a nuisance to everyone. Sometimes, cutting back is a painful process to the plant, but it is necessary for the plant to develop the tenacity for explosive growth. He cuts excessive, improper behavior, value systems and friendships. But this in all is done in love with the aim to make her better. He enlightens and encourages her to be all that she can be, to do all that she can do and to enjoy all that she can have.

The wife of a gardener is like the path of the righteous; she shines brighter and brighter. She never has a better last year. She’s always growing and glowing with new ideas, new projects and new levels. Her testimonies are full of promotion, profit and new experiences. Her life is every inch, the dream of other women.

Clearly, what all these 3 kinds of men seek in their dreams is as far apart as the east is from the west. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think God created man to be a hunter or scavenger. My Bible tells me in the Book of Genesis that the man God created and formed was assigned to tend the GARDEN of Eden. This tells me that the first man was clearly designed and wired to be a gardener and it was that man God thought shouldn’t be alone.

As far as I’m concerned, every hunter & scavenger deserves to be a bachelor until they change their values, desires and dreams. I certainly hope that I can speak for all gardeners in this article.

The evidence of a good gardener is his GARDEN. Take a look at my garden – TARA, and you can tell if I am a good gardener. And even though I know there’s great room for improving my gardening skills.

I hope this note helps you sort out the gardeners from the rest.

I believe in you and I know you're going to make one lucky man very happy very soon

Expecting your wedding invites soon.



I am so sorry for going MIA work has been crazy and I am going through a huge transition, thank Jesus!!!!!!!! anyways so the first post for today is about Tiffany Amber's new collection.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her designs just keep evolving and I honestly don't know how she does it but she is good.Every time I pass her store in the palms I become a kid staring into a candy store ogling..................

When I saw these designs this morning I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so have to do a post on this, the clothes are so beautiful......................

The beauty in all these designs is simply the colors and how they seem to blend and mesh into themselves, which gives the clothes this very flowy, drapy look that is simply divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is her website for those of you who may not have heard of her she is one of the reasons I am Proudly Nigerian.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So the winners of the contest are Olaronke and Olufunso who got all answers correct. They both won a ticket respectively for the SATC 2 party and for those who may not know the answers are below:
  • Skipper
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Scout
  • Pearl thong
  • Carrie Bradshaw knows good Sex.
Have a fantastic evening guys CIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for the winners have a wonderful time at the party tomorrow........................................

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here are the Terms and Conditions for the contest, do note that you have to be 18 and above to enter or have parental supervision. All entries close on Wednesday May 26th at 12pm GMT, tickets are Limited and it is STRICTLY on a first-come basis.
  1. Be resident in Nigeria.
  2. Post a comment on this post (If you need any help posting a comment, simply send an email to
  3. Answer ALL the questions correctly.
  4. Answer the questions by sending an email to; State your name, telephone number, email address and the correct answers.
  5. Winners will be contacted on Thursday May 25th 2010 with details on where to come and pick up the tickets.
  6. Have fun guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So here are the questions, trust me they are extremely simple:

In the first season, Carrie fixes up Miranda with her friend. What is his name?

What is the name of Charlotte's puppy?


What is the name of Steve's bar?

  • Petey
  • Scout
  • Brady 
  • Miranda

In the episode "Luck Be An Old Lady", Richard buys Samantha a gift that Charlotte opens by mistake. What did he buy her?

  • Yellow diamond ring
  • A Cosmopolitan
  • Bottle of wine
  • Pearl thong 

At the opening scene of each episode, what does it say on the side of the bus?

  • Carrie Bradshaw knows great style.
  • Carrie Bradshaw knows cosmopolitan.
  • Carrie Bradshaw knows good Sex.
  • Carrie Bradshaw knows great friends.
 Note: This is for the party on Friday 28th at GET arena for the premiere of the new SATC2 movie, check our  SEX AND THE CITY COMES TO LAGOS  post for more details.

Have a wonderful day guys CIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YESI "Coronation" Album Launch Party

As you all know, we at FrannySquared are lovers of all things music, and we especially support any upcoming Naija talent, at home or away...
Newcomer rapper Yesi (aka Kabiyesi) recently had a launch party at Comix Club in New York City for his debut album, Coronation, which officially comes out on May 25th, and we were there!

The event was very well organized, and well attended, with a young diverse crowd. Chris Akinyemi, another upcoming nigerian artist opened the show with a few songs, playing the guitar.
Then YESI took the stage and commanded the crowd...nice energy, and the crowd was def feeling him.
There were also some free giveaways of mixtape CDs and YESI t-shirts...all in all, great way to spend a Saturday night in the city!

The album Coronation can be downloaded off iTunes, Amazon support Naija music :)
A few pictures from the event below...
The hiphop artist reps Naija to the fullest -- born & raised in Ibadan, but currently based in New York City.  His music is a fusion of English, Yoruba and Pidgin, and aims to relate to the average young Nigerian.  
Two singles off the album, G.R.A and Aura are up and playing on popular Nigerian blogsites.  
For more information on Yesi, check out his website,, follow him on twitter @yesimusic, or join the Facebook fanpage!

Chris Akinyemi performing

Yesi himself...

Cross-section of the crowd

Yesi doing his thing...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cocktails and Dresses Update

So I was at Cocktails and Dresses yesterday, and honestly I was pleasantly surprised by the the event; it took place at Zamunda (formerly 007) and it was a mini-party which just happened to be a dress sale.

So the event was organised by 2 lovely young entrepreneurs Damola Araoye and Torera Majekodunmi; Damola already has an online store Shop Sugarr and they plan to make this a monthly event.

So I totally enjoyed the event because asides the shopping (dresses were very REASONABLE -- very!!!!!!!), it was a good way to catch up with friends and generally a good way to chill on a Sunday... Check out some of the pics from the event.


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