Sunday, August 22, 2010

MY JOURNEY SO FAR..........................

My transition seemed to be going on pretty smoothly and my new growth (natural) has almost outgrown all the permed tips and I am certain after a few more trims I should be completely natural.

Yesterday seemed like an exception though, because of the almost natural state of my hair, my regular stylist was so clueless as to how to manage my hair. She kept tugging, pulling and basically putting my head through hell so I decided to do some research on how to manage my hair throughout my transition and have decided except I wanna fix a weave I am now my own personalized hair stylist.

Did I mention I have become a Mixtress, started making homemade conditioning products to keep my hair soft and shiny, MoptopMaven inspired me to start mixing my own products and its been a very enlightening and exciting experience so far.

In other news, had a lunch today at the incredible PATTAYA; they make the best thai food in all of lagos and the prices are sooo freaking reasonable I totally recommend them.

 Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead, LES NUBIANS...............................

Monday, August 16, 2010


Is it me or are the weekends getting shorter?

This is the link to the article, gotta get back to work.

Have a great day guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BEZ : ACOUSTIC TOH BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................

I have mentioned Bez a couple of times on the blog, the first time I heard him perform was at Asa's concert earlier in the year.

His music is a breath of fresh air, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its no news that I am a huge fan of the Soul genre and what is more interesting is that he is 100% Nigerian, he is a phenomenal performer and the ease with which he strokes his guitar is pure magic.

I am a huge critic of Nigerian music since most people tend to praise the mediocrity that drives the industry,but he alongside his video producer, Kemi Adetiba have been able to break the trend and its at times like this I am proud to say I am Nigerian.

Trust me its been on repeat all morning, and am anxiously anticipating the release of his album. 

ACOUSTIC TOH BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ok so am sure everyone is aware of my ongoing journey towards going Au Naturel with my hair, so I decided to write a post on it but work made it almost impossible to post it.

Anyways long story short 234NEXT newspaper decided to pick up the post/article and put it in this Sunday's edition of Elan.

I honestly never thought of myself as a writer, though I have always been known as a strongly opinionated individual but this totally takes it to a new level all I can say is WOW!!!!!!

Will put the article up on the blog after it has been published, did I mention I'm going to have it framed LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways in other news the blog has been totally behind and I am soooooooo sorry about it, I know we keep using work as an excuse but we have both gotten to a new stage in our careers that it is getting harder to keep up, but be rest assured we are coming up with a better schedule.

And finally, I have a movie date this weekend to see IJE (did a post on it last year) so am overly excited. 

Have a wonderful day ahead guys Keyshia cole and Monica are my ear candies for the day.


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