Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So there is this ice cream place on 1613B Omega Bank Avenue, Off Adeola Hopewell Street -- ICE CREAM FACTORY -- been there a couple of times...

The place is really cool, serene and the ambience is very mellow which is a PLUS considering all the stress of Lagos and did I mention their ice-cream sends you on an orgasmic journey mmmmmhhhmmm !!!!! **GOOD STUFF**

For anyone who has been there and hasn't noticed, all the waiters and people that work there are guys but not just random guys...HOT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very certain it was a very thought out plan and trust women now the place is always jam-packed.

Its one thing to go there for the ice cream, its another to go there to droool over the hot guys there, you guys should go there and judge yourselves.

P.S. Res- Golden Boys is on my playlist


So I have decided to do something different to my hair and I am thinking of something short and cute but I am uberly confused about what to do.

Anyways here are my picks of the short hairstyles I think I can pull off and it may seem like I am a bit biased towards Keri Hilson but its cos I absolutely LUV her hair except the funny (I call it "hair tail" lol!!!) that she has been doing lately.

  she looks absolutely beautiful here


 I am a bit biased towards this one uhmmmmmm....................**maybe**



This post is totally random by the way, thank GOD I have a wonderful hairdresser so I shouldn't be worried, will tell you guys how it turns out.

Brandy-I wanna be down and Monica- before you walk out of my life have been on replay all day, I miss good ol' fashion simple music.

Enjoy guys:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NYFW 2010: Deola Sagoe

I know we have been slacking on the NYFW posts, but forgive's something for you guys...

One of my fave Nigerian fashion designers, Deola Sagoe, showed in the Fall New York Fashion Week!!!
Her collection "Above The Fray" describes a person who is ahead of the game, a level above the rest, and I guess that describes her perfectly!

We stopped by her private viewing in New York at the Loft on Fifth to take a peek at the collection.

Pictures below, courtesy of A.O. Frantz.
The details in the clothes are very well done and professional, and every outfit can be worn on and off the runway.
The recurring theme throughout the whole collection is the gold and black BOLD metallic look, which make the clothes wearable during the day, but also at night! 

Didn't get a chance to talk to and congratulate the designer *sadface*...clearly she was busy with prospective business people.
Here's my fave outfit of the collection, a long metallic evening dress! [you can see Deola in the background...]


Monday, February 22, 2010


The OVERSIZED / BOYFRIEND BLAZER look is so effortlessly chic it just sort of jazzes up your look regardless of what your wearing it with.

Totally drifting from the point................... there was this overly gorgeous studded jacket that Alicia Keys wore in her video (Try sleeping with a broken heart) it is soooooooooooooo GORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also saw Letoya Lucket in the same jacket in her video(Regret)

The point isnt to see " who wore it better " but to appreciate the sheer perfection which is the jacket. So after googling for ages I finally discover it is a Balmain creation like duhhrrr!!!!!!! so if you wanna drool over more of their creations check out their site

Anyways back to the post, so the blazers are just totally IT rite now I am tryna get them in every color possible but I am on a major budget so we'll see how it goes.

Here are a few looks that totally makes sense and could help when styling your very own blazer look:

  P.S. you soooooo have to fold the sleeves of the jacket or you will totali loose the essence of the look (but not every time though)



You shouldn't be scared of color when working this look:

The pink one above is from a an online store run by a group of young Nigerians who are totally into vintage style you can check out their website for more info



Then there are the shoulder padded blazers totally CHIC!!!!!!!! 

Elohor Aisen; she runs Beth Modelling, watch out cos she is the next feature on Stylin' and Profilin'


I love love this jacket, the detailing is exquisite.

Have a wonderful day guys and I leave you in the wonderful hands of  Dwele - My Lova, 1 of my fav musicians..........................

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So I have spent almost 3hours reading thru Karls's blog and I come to the conclusion that I have literally forgotten where my priorities lie with regards to the blog.

Fashion has always been the ultimate in almost everything I have done, making money, relationships and loads of other stuff. So yesterday I am talking to a very special person and he goes what are my plans for the future and i literally go blank............. and I use the whole of yesterday evening and this morning thinking about it and I have REDISCOVERED what my mission is.

People may call it tacky or somewhat far-fetched but STYLE is paramount, I mean its on the same position as food in the hierarchy for me and when I think of a response to my future plans I would say its my own little secret but 1 thing I have decided is to stick to MY plans no matter what.

I am REDOING the blog so you guys should definitely watch out.................. and to all my darling friends dat I make read my blog and share it each time on Twitter and Facebook MMMMWWAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While writing this Jason Mraz- I am yours has been on replay for like 2hours, i'm a sucker for acoustic, neo-soul music SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok I have to say it takes a lot for me to be impressed by loads of things especially Nigerian music.

So when a good friend of mine suggested this video to me*rolling my eyes* I thought "ok anoda nigerian video **sigh!!!**" but to my pleasant surprise I would have to say that I was literrally blown away.

First by the lyrics, then by the artists who did the collaboration and considering that I am a major fan of the soul genre I was uberly excited about the track.

The video was immaculate(Kemi Adetiba's handiwork ) and the message behind it makes so much sense, it is a positive medium of selling the Anti-yahooyahoo message.

It has definitely been one of the major highlights of my day. Check the video out and ps it features: Cobhams, omawunmi, Modele, Bez, BankyW, rooftop mcs,  MI, wordsmith.


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