Thursday, September 24, 2009

'REAL' Fashion Debuts at NYC Fashion Week

So as you guys probably know [or don't know], the tents were up at Bryant Park last week as it was New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Models, model-wannabes, fashionistas and fauxshionistas alike littered Manhattan's streets from event to event...

For any Real Housewives of Atlanta fans out there, it was certainly interesting to hear that two of our favorites, Sheree Whitfield and Dwight "The Divo" Eubanks (honorary housewife) would be showing at Fashion Week...well, most especially She by Sheree...after her Season 1 fashion show debacle (this chick had a fashion show, with no fashion! There were no clothes to be shown whatsoever...l0l.)

So here's She by Sheree at Fashion Week:

Seems like anybody could get a couple pieces together and make a fashion line these days. Not exactly NYC Fashion Week material to me...Oh well, at least she showed some clothes this time. "Who gon' check her, boo?" Lol.
And Dwight's Tool Box Collection:

Dwight actually showed he always does!

This lingerie collection is s0o Dwight though. s0o OMG, over-the-top, irregular, bold, Dwight.

...More NYC Fashion Week later.


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Élan is the newest craze to hit the Lagos scene. First time I saw it I just rubbed it off as another Thisday style wannabe but honestly I was pleasantly surprised by Élan.

Unlike Thisday style which is exclusively about clothes and fashion, Élan explores style from a broader angle.

The articles for me are the highlight. They are honest, insightful and real, they discuss things that are affecting the modern Nigerian woman.The links for 2 of my favorite articles are below:

The styling i have to say is impeccable, their stylist Tayo Shonekan (Aimas designs) does a very professional and elegant spread each week.

By the way you can find Élan inside every Sunday edition of 234next newspaper. For more details on where you can buy them check out their website.

I recommend ÉLAN as a part of your Sunday-Sunday tonic.


Have a FaB weekend guys. Ciao!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

So we SATC fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel. If for nothing else I am looking forward to the wardrobe of the cast members!

It seems there have been a lot of 80's inspired looks. Carrie and Samantha emphasize why 80's fashion was back then and should stay WAY BACK THERE.

Patricia Field (Stylist for the SATC series, The Devil Wears Prada) has been pretty hush hush about the style of the movie but knowing her and her works I'm sure it will live up to standards.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok so the jumpsuit craze to me is such a FAB look and it comes in so many different styles that you can wear it to suit any occasion...

For a casual everyday look, go for the short jumpsuit paired with boho style sandals, or worn with heels like Queen Bey above.

Ok - the HAREM PANTS phenomenon. I actually think that as long as it is worn with heels regardless of how "HAREMY" it looks, it will work...

+ =


Ene Maya gives off a very sophisticated and polished look.

The blue jumpsuit below is for the VERY fashion-forward.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OUR FIRST!!!!!!!!!

So this is our official FIRST post! YAY!

Ok. So this is still very new to me and it IS my first, so please do abstain from criticising.

I am a total fashion addict and a constant explorer of anything new, stylish and fresh. Since I'm still new at this, many of my style recommendations may seem a bit old but i will sha go on with it...
This picture of Solange and Fergie in ankara was taken about a month ago but when i stumbled on the pic again yesterday something about it just spoke to me... so i'm adding it as my 1st official picture on my blog!



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